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Tartareu Spain

“With its breathtaking scenery and endless possibilities, this hotel is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Tartareu is a stunning retreat nestled in natures embrace. A lush hillside overlooks rolling valleys and majestic peaks – offering views that are simply out of this world! Guests can relish in peace and tranquillity here, whether it be with an early morning hike through the mountains or a sunset stroll along the beach.

The area surrounding Tartareu is teeming with quaint villages, delightful cafes, fun activities to explore and picturesque sights to take in. Kayaking on nearby lakes or wine tasting at local vineyards are just some of the delights waiting for you! Tartareu serves as an idyllic escape from noisy cities – providing guests with much needed relaxation amidst spectacular landscapes.”